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Sunyard Exclusively Won the Bid of Qilu Banks POS Terminal Purchase Project
Publisher: Sunyard Promotion Dept. Date: 2018-09-11 Read: 2187

 Sunyard Technology Co., Ltd, the leading financial software solution provider together with one of fastest growing electronic payment terminal providersSSE Code 600571, exclusively won the bid of Android POS terminal, QR code reader and Countertop Payment Terminal in the POS terminal purchase project of Qilu bank, which will provide Qilu Bank with secure, convenient and efficient payment solutions and services.

Qilu Bank, established in 1996, takes corporate finance, retail finance, financial market, Internet finance and county finance as core business sectors, to build the development goal of "big retail" bank and put it into practice, to develop inclusive finance and provide intimate services for customers.
With advanced processor, multiple connectivity and high-capacity battery, Sunyard’s Android POS terminal i80 not only fully supports multiple mainstream payment methods such as bank card, NFC, code scanning, etc., but also overlays a variety of value-added services to meet the needs of mobile payment. Meanwhile, i80 has obtained all kinds of international and UnionPay certifications to ensure the security of transactions. Sunyard’s VQR900 supports NFC, 1D/2D code and dynamic QR code mobile payment, and also supports active scanning, passive scanning and UnionPay Quick Pass services, which facilitates merchants to carry out acquiring business based on QR code payment, and effectively guarantees the fund security of both parties during the payment process.
Mr. Yuelin Lai, General Manager of Sunyard Technology, stated, “In recent years, the transaction scale of mobile payment has achieved explosive growth, and the diversified mobile payment demand of consumers has placed higher requirements on the payment terminals. While iteratively updating the terminals, Sunyard pays attention to diversification in terminals’ configuration, in order to offer more professional services to consumers and merchants. We are very pleased to be the partner of Qilu Bank to offer our comprehensive, fast and convenient payment solutions with the state-of-the-art technologies and services.”